Oversized Chic

Oversized Goodness

It's a given that it is fun to play with different styles of clothes and wear things that you don't usually wear. But, it is also fun to toy with the sizing and lines of your clothing to create a more baggy and oversized look. 

Oversized Fashion at Frieze Art Fair

For this look, I wore my oversized denim jacket with my loose higher-waisted green chinos. Then added a graphic tee and simple crossbody bag to tie them together. This denim jacket has proven to be one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, and I thrifted it for under $10 belive it or not. Even though it's all about sleek modern lines right now, it's good to add a little oversized goodness to change things up.

Details in front of art at Frieze.

Details in front of art at Frieze.

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