Frieze Fashion

Your Guide to Dressing Artsy

It is no doubt that you would find some of the most funky dressers at one of the most talked about events in the art world. After going through my photos from the Frieze Art Fair, I came across my favorite looks / fashion that caught my eye amongst all the people that came together to admire art and culture. 

It is important to stand out. One trend that is coming about again, now that the weather is finally warming up on the East Coast, is patterned outerwear and bombers. Adding a funky pop on top makes any subtle outfit a statement.

Trend: Patterned Outerwear
Trend: Patterned Outerwear

Everyone has bags. And everyone has those bags that are either classics that everyone is sick of seeing, or the ones that you are sick of using. A fun way to mix-it-up and add a little flare to the bag is adding your own strap and doing away with the same ol' boring one. You can find straps anywhere and for any price. Prada sells really funky shoulder straps for the luxury-lovers; however, Etsy is a great place to find unique ones as well.

Trend: Bold Shoulder Straps

Mix it up. You don't always have to play by the rules, and that is actually a newer fashion trend on its own. Feel inspired to mix up what you have to create a unique look and break away from the status quo. One style that seems to be catching my eye more and more is this everyday avant-garde look. The one that combines this unusual/unconventional way of dressing with very minimal pieces. 

Trend: Everyday Avant-Garde Minimalism

But also, don't shy away from the classics. Yes you should go bold! Yes you should have patterns and paint and shiny shoes... but don't forget about the art of keeping it simple. A modern clean look is one of the hottest trends, and it's awesome.

Trend: Simple and Modern

Be artsy. It's really fun to find and create unique pieces that no one else has. Take that old trench coat you haven't worn in years and splatter paint the shit out of it! Turn your clothes into works of art, and shop harder for pieces that you know will grab the attention of others. If you know artists, have them experiment paints and techniques on your bags and shoes! Don't be affraid to go bold, and add a little artsy burst to your wardrobe.

Trend: Artsy flare.

Frieze Trend Report:

(1) Patterend Outerwear

(2) Bold Shoulder Straps

(3) Everyday Avant-Garde Minimalism

(4) Modern, yet Simple

(5) Artsy Flare


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