Skincare Warrior Vibes via Light Therapy

I have always been a skincare fanatic, and have been getting LED facial treatments for some tie now. But, as we know, life gets busy and it gets harder and harder to go and get your skin taken care of. I have begun DIY-ing some of my favorite skincare treatments—the ones that are manageable from home. Recently, I started performing my own LED light therapy using the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask. This little machine, only adds 10 extra minutes to my daily skincare regimen. All I have to do is lay there with the mask on, and while it works its magic I get to look like I just got done welding some metal.

The way it works is simple. The mask has two sets of LED lights: one set of blue and one of red. The wavelength of the lights stimulate the skin to kickstart the skin's renewal/healing processes. The blue light is the acne fighter, because that strain of light actually kills acne bacteria and helps remove blemishes & reduces inflammation. While the red light promotes collagen (so it tightens/heals/and shrinks pores). 

Check out the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask that I've been using here (and their LED acne spot treatment, that I haven't tried yet):