Oxford Fashion Studio

The Oxford Fashion Studio Brands kicked off their show at the stunning Hotel D'Evreux in the Place Vendôme, a picturesque historical plaza in Paris's 2nd Arrondissement.  Based in London, OFS showcases extraordinary collections by independent designers presented to an international audience on runway shows around the world. Their Paris show put a group of 6 or so designers on display. Standout themes of the night: florals, fringe, and the color pop that has been present as a trailblazing must for Spring 2018. Also noteworthy, neoprene bodysuits on par with what we saw at PumaXFenty, with a minimalist neutral twist. Honorable mentions include careful and creative leather layering and cutout details that were eye catching and reminiscent of an artistic abstract BDSM-esque style.

Check out the digital coverage below: