Five Fall Faves

Five Fall Faves


Since Autumn is upon us, we are all beginning to prepare for the colder weather and how to avoid sacrificing our fashion to accommodate the colder weather and lack of sun.  The holidays are coming up quickly which means that the more free time we have, the more we find ways to entertain ourselves before the impending snow.  Here are some Fall favorites that bring our most beloved trends from summer as well as ways to keep your style intact in the colder months:


Transitional Dress: Cashmere is one of the greatest comforts in fashion and the many variations in which you can wear it, makes it a staple to this transitional period of changing seasons.  Dresses can be worn with tights as well as tall boots to keep you warm but also the lighter types of cashmere will keep you feeling cool when the temperature gets warmer in the afternoon.  This dress from Qi Cashmere, is a great quality and the cream tone of it gives a very soft and ethereal look to an everyday outfit.  Cashmere can be pricy but do not fear! There are soft fabrics for cheaper prices but also look in thrift shops to get luxury fabrics for lower prices this Fall.  


Chic and Simple Accessories: Chokers have taken fashion by storm once again.  A 90’s must-have accessory has become a daily fixture in outfits everywhere today.  You can buy chokers at almost every clothing store anywhere, but if you’re into DIY kind of mood, then head down to your local craft store and get some ribbon to make your own unique choker!  Metallic tones and vintage aesthetic adds sophistication as well as edge to either dress up or dress down an outfit, (remember: you can never be overdressed so have fun with it!).  Neutral, cream, and pastel colors and tones add flavor to your Fall outfit and is an simple accessory that can only add to your look.


Face of Fall: Since the colder weather is approaching, the lazier many of us get with the application of makeup and we become less diligent with the care of our skin.  Evian’s facial spray moisturizes, tones, and refreshes your skin which is an easy way for taking care of neglected skin.  MAC is known for their super hydrating and long-lasting lipwear, and a perfect transition color from summer to fall (and throughout the year) is Velvet Teddy.  A perfect hue of pink and nude with brown undertones compliment all skins and pick up the natural flush and warmth of skin tones.  The creamy consistency gives a very subtle but beautiful color to your lips while keeping your lips supple.  Mary-Louminizar by TheBalm cosmetics, feeds into the highlight trend of our generation.  The glow is everything!  And to keep your skin looking sun-kissed, brushing some highlighter across the highpoints of your face, is an easy way to keep your face looking luminous.

Mary-Louminizar by TheBalm cosmetics detail.

Mary-Louminizar by TheBalm cosmetics detail.


Rustic Scent: During this season, floral scents begin to fade away and more typically ‘masculine’ scents as well as a more statement scents begin to uncover in Fall.  Adorn EDP’s Tiger’s Eyes: Strength scent is a unique and affordable perfume which includes notes of sandalwood, moss, and suede, to give a natural and organic scent while keeping it appealing and attractive.  The rustic and naturalistic scent of this perfume allows a more substantial smell than your typical perfume and can be picked up at your local Urban Outfitters!


Autumn’s Perfect Drink: One of our favorite parts of colder weather is the cozy feeling that comes with it; being wrapped in blankets and lighting candles in dimmed light gives such an intimate and warm feeling in contrast to the outdoors.  While cozying up until fluffy blankets, grab a book to keep your mind from hibernating and continue to nourish it with good literature.  A must-read collection of poems is from a rising favorite poet, Rupi Kaur, called Milk + Honey.  Possibly the most beautiful set of poems I personally have ever read, Rupi Kaur relates to a wide spectrum of readers and sheds light on very stigmatized topics and the simplicity only makes each poem so much more complex and open for individualization.  On each page, there is an illustration that adds a visual representation of the text and also an abstract view so the reader can truly be the one to personalize the text while recognizing and unearthing our interpretations of the truths from the author.  

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