New York City is everything you could wish for; the diversity, fashion, culture, food, and iconic architecture are just a few reasons why so many people around the planet are attracted to arguably the best city in the world. However, there are some people from around the globe that do not know that the city is surrounded by suburban communities and often go unrecognized due to the prominent allure of NYC.  The suburbs that surround the city vary greatly from their famous neighbor; suburban towns are often quieter and have a slower lifestyle compared to the bustle of the city.  One of the great things about the suburbs is the impact of nature in the everyday lives of suburban communities.  In the city there are rooftop gardens, a sporadic scattering of trees, and designated parks that are still surrounded by the concrete jungle.  The suburbs have forests and community parks that are surrounded by water and trees and not skyscrapers.  There is an openness and freedom in these natural atmospheres such as the Peekskill Riverfront Green Park, which is in Westchester. 


The Riverfront has many trails that allow people to walk their dogs, go on first dates, exercise, and be inspired.  The Hudson River is a relaxing view for families that have picnics at the Riverfront and the park is a fun place for children to run around and play.  The sunsets are incredible and provide a romantic energy to the already ethereal park.  The pink hues and subdued oranges that paint the sky sets a tone of serenity and there is a peacefulness to walking around the beautiful park.  Many planned events, such as concerts and festivals, take place at the Riverfront that everyone can enjoy as a community.  It is also a popular place for blooming artists as well as for those who enjoy more active pursuits.  The Riverfront is a beautiful and family-friendly place for those that seek relaxation and something a little calmer than the city. 


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