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It's that time of summer where you being to reflect on all of the things you ate, and eat anything in sight! You can search for the perfect detox, however you can't always find the right juice with the combination you are looking for. Given the time of year, I can pretty much speak for everyone when I say you are searching for a skin pick-me-up and a little boost to your immune system/digestive health. In this post, I am giving you the recipe for the ultimate (and incredibly simple) detox booster juice that comes with loads of benefits. Here's how to detoxify:


ZYDE Detox Energy Juice 

Before we get into the details on how to create the juice, you are going to need (and only need) five ingredients: purified water, cucumber, ginger root, mint leaves, and a lemon. I recommend buying all organic and pure ingredients—no pastes or precut things—to ensure the quality of your detox. Okay, now lets begin! For starters, fill up a glass with about a half a cup of water. Then, begin with a single cucumber. This ingredient is your major skin saver. You want enough cucumber to fill at least one cup, however the most I would include is a cup and a half. I like to keep the skin on, and cut it up in halves then quarters to be sure there are no chunks. 


Next, move onto the ginger root. (Honestly this could be done in any order!) Ginger is strong, and the key ingredient in this magic potion of a juice. It has insane benefits that are particularly boost your digestive health, while helping with your immune system and kills bad bacteria. If you've never cut a ginger root before, you want to start by breaking off a pice and then removing the skin, revealing the white inside. Start cutting off from the root until you have reached your desired amount. For me, I use about a quarter cup of ginger because I am obsessed, but it really depends on your tolerance. It's strong and can be a bit spicy to some, so you could use as much or as little as you choose.


After the ginger, I add lemon. Lemon is also amazing when it comes to a detox, especially for your digestion. Adding the lemon juice to the drink is pretty simple. I recommend a whole lemon, and squirt the juice directly into the drink. In addition, I add lemon zest for it's countless vitamins and fiber count. To zest lemons, you can use a microplane, or cheese grater. Just be sure that you wash your lemon first with water and all natural soap prior to remove the wax coating it may have.  

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Finally! Place all prepared ingredients into your glass of water, and add a few mint leaves for freshness and the reduction of inflammation.

All Ingredients

Then, transfer ingredients into your juicer (or blender) and be sure to blend until it's liquified.

A Little Overflow Action
This photo shows the juicy constancy.

This photo shows the juicy constancy. here's where the fun comes in! Once you have your awesomely strong juice all together, you can funnel it into an amazing W&P Design Stainless Steel Flask. This gives you the perfect amount of juice when you are on the go and it fits into almost any back-pocket or bag, while keeping the juice cool. That's right, flasks aren't just for whisky anymore!

W&P Design Flask...not just for whisky!

Show off your juice in style and be sure to tag @zydeoffical and @wandpdesign when you post all about where you take your detox!

Summer Detox juice vibes
You've got to get the W&P Design flask, not just for whisky, but for taking your ZYDE Detox juice on the go!

You've got to get the W&P Design flask, not just for whisky, but for taking your ZYDE Detox juice on the go!

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