Hot Days

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Staying Cool

Summer days in Spain can get very very hot. It is important to keep hydrated and stay cool. One way you could achieve this is to dress appropriately (of course). First off, this post takes place in Park Güell in Barcelona. The weather here doesn't quite compare to the Madrid heat, however it still gets pretty hot when you are out-and-about all day long.

On the topic of keeping cool, tank tops are super great. I just started to get into them recently. They look so chic under a blazer, but I was never a fan of them on their own until now. This minimalist tank top is from Zara, and I love it. I paired it with khaki shorts and my favorite black suede creepers from UNIF. And to complete the look, I threw on my simple knotted metal cuff.

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Above : My favorite black suede UNIF creepers

Above: My favorite black suede UNIF creepers