Adventure at Zion


Adventure at Zion

Summer is an amazing time of the year; many love to soak in the vitamin D and work on their glowing tans. During the summertime, it is important to stay active and Zion National Park has amazing and refreshing ways of helping visitors stay healthy. 


One of their unique trails involves the renowned river, The Virgin Narrows, where people can hike/swim through the cerulean water. The river is flanked with towering canyons which holds a really powerful energy to an already innovative hike. Comfortable clothing is a must-have on a trail like this. Light-weight sports bras and spandex shorts dry easily in the Utah sun and allow mobility during the hike. Bandanas hold back hair and soak up sweat which makes it easier to focus on the natural beauty around you while becoming a healthier you.


In this look... Danskin sports bra, Under Armour spandex shorts, & a thrifted bandana.