Hot Springs


Hot Springs

Spas, skin treatments, and hot tubs are great for the body and help our skin and muscles relax and rejuvenate. Although, at times our favorite products can get pricy and when your road-tripping, it is harder to get your staple lotions and a nice soak in a hot tub without a price. On the road, to get your fix of treatments, hot springs are amazing and naturally beneficial for your skin and muscles. In California, two must see places are the Travertine Hot Springs and Wild Willy's Hot Springs (near Mammoth Lakes).


Both have amazing organic minerals in the water and provide steamy water to relax in after adventuring. Wild Willy's has clear blue waters and a beautiful view of the mountains which adds to the soothing environment; the springs have cleansing properties and helps to clear pores. Travertine has many different springs that are the products of volcanic eruptions thus leaving an exfoliating mud that is great for skin and is a uniquely fun experience for families. At these springs, it is a great time to wear your favorite bathing suit and take amazing photos that will capture memories which last forever.