Wake Up

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Obey. Consume. Repeat.

This outfit is my favorite for two reasons... One, it showcases a t-shirt from the brand, OBEY, and second because it includes my obsession bag right now (my little Gucci messenger). When traveling around, you need to dress sensibly (unfortunately). And, it can be hard to pick out the perfect outfit that makes you feel good and fashionable, but keeps you comfortable all day. When in Spain, the weather doesn't get below 90º on a good day, so minimalism is key. Finding a great brand that has awesome graphic tees, like OBEY, is a must. And, finding reasonably prices shorts is also important.

Above: OBEY t-shirt, ASOS shorts, Zara sneakers, Gucci messenger bag

This look is perfect for a hot Madrid day. My graphic OBEY t-shirt adds the edge, while the colorful shorts from ASOS brings a little pop of color. These sneakers I picked up from Zara are great for any amount of walking I discovered, and my Gucci messenger is perfect for anything.

Oh! And, all of these photo were taken outside of the Palace in Madrid. I absolutely recommend visiting (at least) the courtyard out front because it is absolutely beautiful.

Silliness outside the Palace.  Sneakers : Zara &  Messenger   Bag : Gucci

Silliness outside the Palace. Sneakers: Zara & Messenger Bag: Gucci