Californian Dunes


Californian Dunes

We see in the media the glamorized version of California. Put aside the celebrities, Urth Caffe, and the bustle of populated cities to become familiar with the natural beauty beyond the infamous Hollywood sign. In the Kelso Sand Dunes, the biggest field of sand deposits in the Mojave Desert, we can appreciate the un-contoured beauty of nature.


Without a tree in sight and the sun blazing from above, it is important to keep as cool as possible. Light colors are a must. Sunglasses can shield your eyes from the sun and protect them from mild sand storms, and hats are great protectors from the sun too. Plus sneakers and boots are best for hiking up miles of sand dunes.


In this look...

Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange
Shirt: Vintage
Hat: Nike
Boots: Vintage Dr. Martens



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