Rustic Chic

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A Go-To Outfit

Everyone has to have a go-to outfit, especially in the summertime with the limited time you have to put outfits together. Go back to the basics, and choose three pieces that look good and go with any type of day. 

Picking a neutral colored shirt is a must. I chose this Zara three-quarter length t-shirt because its cozy and stylish. And, try to go bold with your pant. A colored skinny jean is always my automatic favorite. I (once again) chose a Zara maroon skinny jean.

Lastly, the most important part...the shoes! It's always good to be (a bit) sensible when choosing a quick-pick look because you are designing for almost every daytime excursion. I suggest going with a simple sandal. For me, my menorquinas (from Spain!) are amazing and perfect for any outfit and any day!

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