Carlos Campos

Men’s fashion is often underrepresented in seasons past because men’s fashion has typically been seen more as a uniformed look and historically, there has been less variation in men’s style.

In recent years, men’s fashion has been rising in the eyes and attention of the public, even though men’s fashion has always been significant in the fashion industry.  Men are beginning to look to fashion more so than in years past for the same reasons many women love fashion—for freedom of expression. 

This year’s AW16 collections at NYFW, have been incredibly successful in the men’s fashion industry and has been a phenomenal start to Fall for designer Carlos Campos.  Not only is Carlos Campos an amazing designer but he is also extremely accomplished in balancing classic style with a modernistic twist.


In Carlos Campos’ AW16 collection, there are pieces drawn from classic vintage cuts, seen in the variety of thick wool peacoats--and also graphic pullovers with hints of vibrant colors. The overall richness in the autumnal hues that range from refined blues to minimalistic camel colors--Carlos Campos has mastered the art of classic style but shows how practiced he is with the deconstruction of typical men’s structured pieces; his regal utilitarian capes are perfect examples of his mesh of new and old techniques.


This Fall, it is hard not to fall in love with Campos’ collection because of how cleanly designed it is but also how it epitomizes Fall as an entity.  Beauty is found in each well-thought out seam within the collection and the clothing holds versatility in each piece as well as a unique and distinct quality that makes the collection individualistic.  Through the embracement of androgynous stylization with thick textures and fabrics, Carlos Campos’ AW16 collection is worth the attention from both men and women as we approach the colder months.

Carlos Campos New York