Fall Bubble Bath

Decompress after those long fall days...

Getting back into a super routine can be stressful, and it can tire you out. It is important to have a go-to decompress remedy that will deliver a guaranteed relaxation. Everyone has different scents that trigger relaxation, however I have a specific (and simple) bubble bath mixture that is made for all.

L'Occitane Foaming Lavender Bath bubbles

1) The bubbles. You can't have a bubble bath with out the bubbles, and this suds creator is the perfect recipe for relaxation. It is made with the essential oil of lavender which is the staple aroma for utter peacefulness. I recommend pouring a bit of this L'Occitane Foaming Bath bubbles in your tub a few mins before you hop in.

Rue de Marli No. 27 Sea Salt Bath Mix

2) The salty salty. Sea salt is perfect for restoring your body and dragging out all of the impurities. Adding a tad of sea salt, or Epsom salt, to your bath will help getting rid of all the stress related impurities and blemishes. I love this Rue de Marli No. 27 bath salt that is lightly floral scented and hydrating. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil = Fall Fave!

3) The scent of fall. Of course you'll need to start adding in a signature fall scent, and why not go all natural? This Sandalwood essential oil by NOW is what you'll need. For starters, sandalwood smells so amazing and it also has incredible health benefits. It soothes skin, disinfects, reduces inflammation, and it's sedative (so it gets rid of anxiety and stress)!