I created ZYDE not knowing it would become a blog.

A few Years ago, I began thinking how I could make my digital fashion magazine more interactive amongst people. So I came up with the concept of a "Daily Magazine," where the purpose was delivering daily influential content to my followers. I know, who am I kidding, I was creating a blog. 

At the time, blogging didn't seem as cool. And, I didn't really understand. Once I milked my "Daily Magazine" concept dry, I began realizing that calling myself a blogger ain't half bad.

All I want to do is interact with people, and make people feel inspired.

I want to share what other creative people are creating & designing, while making everyone excited about all the amazing things designers are coming up with. 

I want people to try new things. experiment with new food, fashions, and styles.

I want to share all the cool brands/things/people that get me excited, so you all can be excited with me. 

ZYDE is still more than a blog.

It is a form of inspiration giving you just the right amount of influence and motivation. We are sure to exemplify pure beauty (and fun) in all that we do — and in all that we showcase.  

ZYDE is you everything destination, defining beauty is everywhere.

Talk soon.

Ryan Matthew, Founder, ZYDE


Ryan Matthew, Founder, Zyde

Ryan Matthew, Founder, Zyde